Joomla Extensions

Joomla Extension Files - from J1.5 versions or old and not-longer-supported extensions see appropriate sub-category

v1.7.1 adds own stylesheet found in modules/mod_sunupdown/style/sunupdown.css

Styles are defined for the pre-text, the date, the times with separate spans for rise and set and the post-text.

Default values are as shown on the example page

v1.7.1a uses a table to improve layout

Version 2.5.1 of component now correctly adjusts for BST

Module UK Tides v2.5.1 now correctly adjusts for BST

Module for Joomla v3

SunUpDown v3.3.0 is Joomla 3 compatible and now works across all timezones displaying the sunrise and sunset time in local (daylight saving adjusted) time. Stylesheet in media/ folder

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