SunUp SunDown Module

Module v1.7.1 18th September 2011

SunsetSunUpDown is a very basic module to display the time of sunrise and sunset today.

You must set the latitude and longitude of your location, and you can have an optional line of text before and after the times.

Possibly the most basic possible useful Joomla module - not a lot more to be said.

SunUp SunDown CHANGELOG from version 1.5.0 released 21st October 2010

v1.7.1a 5th December 2011
- table now used for layout

v1.7.0a 18th September 2011
- Joomla 1.7 version
- added styling through template stylesheet

v1.5.1 21st November 2010
- added parameter for offset from GMT
- added automatic correction for daylight saving based on UK (BST) rules.