This is the xbMaps Demo Area

The Menu above shows the main front end screens. All pages have can have an optional heading, subheading and text above the main content area. This is used here to introduce each view and some of its features.

Further down this page you will find screenshots of most of the admin screens with some annotations. 

Relevant modules will be demonstrated in the right hand side of the pages as they are created.

Admin Screens


xbmaps admin submenu

The sub-menu appears on most admin screens (not the item edit screens) and can be collapsed and opened with the arrow at the top.

It provides direct access between the main admin views.

Control Panel

xbmaps admin control panel Control Panel gives a summary of the items (maps,markers, and tracks) and the categories and tags used.

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Maps List

xbmaps admin maplist

Click on the title of a map, track or marker to go to the edit screen for that item.

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New/Edit Map

xbmaps admin map edit top  The map edit page has separate tabs for main details (map type, centre, description, status, categories, tags etc), Controls to appear on the map (zoom buttons etc), the layout (size, whether to show a key and map info and description), and markers and tracks to be included on the map.
xbmaps admin map edit details xbmaps admin map edit controls
xbmaps admin map edit layout xbmaps admin map edit marktrack

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Preview Map

xbmaps mapview Map preview shows the map as it would be rendered in the site pages, except that the admin toolbar and submenu rather than site modules will can shown. It be reached from the maps list by using the checkbox at the start of a map row and the Preview button in the toolbar, or directly from the toolbar in the edit screen. If the edit toolbar preview button is used any existing changes will be saved before the preview opens. 

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Markers List

xbmaps admin markers list The admin markers table shows the status, title, icon, description and a list of maps, category and tags for each marker. Clicking on the icon will show a preview popup of the marker on a small map so you can check its location. Clicking the title will take you to the edit page for the marker.  

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New/Edit Marker

 xbmaps admin edit marker

The marker edit page only has two tabs - details, and publishing.

The marker summary description is intended to be shown on the marker popup and as a tooltip over the marker title on the map key (if enabled), so is restricted to 190 characters.

The location can be chosen by clicking on the map, or by entering GPX coordinates or what3words location (requires w3w api key) 

Marker can be one of three types - 'basic' which uses the blue pin icon, image' which can use any suitable image uploaded to the /images/xbmaps/markers folder (use the standard Joomla media manager), or a font-awesome5 (FA) icon. If required two FA icons can be overlaid to create a composite. The colours for FA icons can be specified.

The marker popup will display the title and optionally the description and the location in various formats.

The publishing tab has the standard Joomla publishing details. 

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Tracks List

 xbmaps admin tracks list  A list of all tracks with the usual sort and filter facilities.

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New/Edit Track

 xbmaps admin track edit top  Track edit has tabs for general details, layout options, and publishing (Joomla standard)
xbmaps admin track edit details xbmaps admin track edit layout

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Preview Track

   Track preview shows the track on a map sized to fit it using the default map type within the admin template. This is similar to the site single track view.

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Categories List

 xbmaps admin cat list

The admin categories list shows the categories used by xbMaps and the counts of maps, markers and tracks assigned to each.

Click on the category name to go to the xbMaps category info for the category, or select a category with the checkbox and use the toolbar [Edit Category] button to go to the standard Joomla category edit screen. 

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Category Detail

 xbmaps admin cat info Category Info screen shows a list of all the items assigned to a category with links to their admin edit pages. 

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Tags List

 xbmaps admin tag list  

The admin tags list shows the tags used by xbMaps and the counts of maps, markers and tracks assigned to each. It also shows the number of other items across the site assigned to the tag - unlike categories, tags are not confined to a specific component.

Click on the tag name to go to the xbMaps tag info for the tag, or select a tag with the checkbox and use the toolbar [Edit Category] button to go to the standard Joomla tag edit screen. 

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Tags Detail

 xbmaps admin tag info Admin tags info lists all the items tagged with the selected tag. xbMaps items link to their edit screens. For non-xbmaps items the links are to the component default admin page 

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The options page for xbMaps has seven tabs - General, Maps, Markers, Tracks, Codes, Metadata, and Permissions.

Permissions and metadata are Joonla standard tabs as used in other components.


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