com_xbarticleman-j5 v5.0.0.0 
17th March 2024 J5

xbArticleMan-j5 is a Joomla 5 version of the original xbArticleMan component with many enhancements and improvements.

It provides additional tools for managing articles, with views to list images, links, shortcodes and tags used by com_content articles. In addition a new TagItems admin view provides a list of all the items - both articles and items from other components - using Joomla tags.

The roadmap plan includes the addition of new site views for articles and tags - details below.

xbmaps header image

xbMaps is a Joomla component for displaying maps using OpenStreetMaps (OSM) tiles. Version 1.5.2 is the current release. Help links to documentation pages here are not complete.

map viewI have long wanted a non-googleMaps component to display gpx track in Joomla so that I could move my cycling blog from Wordpress to Joomla. Phoca Maps is the best available, but it wasn't able to display gpx tracks on OSM maps. I started by modifying Phoca Maps to display tracks with OSM, and rapidly found myself wanting to rewrite more of it. Jan at Phoca will be working on an update to Phoca Maps that may include more of the features from xbMaps and will be J4 compatible. 

The primary intended user is someone needing to display OSM maps on a Joomla 3 site (I will not be developing for J4 for at least 5 years so don't even ask).

The component provides map (and track) views for the front end with associated descriptive text. Joomla categories and tags may be used.

A plugin to allow maps (with tracks and markers) and tracks from xbMaps to be embedded in a conventional Joomla article. A preliminary version of the plugin is available for download - it is still a bit rough around the edges but works ok for the basic options. There is help text on the plugin page once you have installed it.

xbMaps v1.5.2.2
4th January 2024  J3

plg_content_xbautosave v3.0.0.1 
21st November 2021  J3
plg_content_xbautosave v4.0.0 
4th December 2023   J4 J5

The Joomla content plugin xbAutosave allows for timed automatic saving of work whilst editing an article or triggering a save with Ctrl+s or Cmd+s keystroke. 

The autosave interval can be set in seconds (minimum 30sec) and timed save and keystroke save can be enabled separately. 

Autosave only works on the backend (admin) site and only when editing an article (com_content). It is disabled on a new article until you have saved manually to give you a chance to set category, status, access etc before your work-in-progress gets automatically revealed to the world!

com_xbarticleman v2.1.0.0 
27th November 2023  J3

xbArticleMan is a component to provide some additional tools for backend administration of Joomla content. It provides views for finding Images, Links, Shortcodes and Tags in, or associated with, com_content articles.

xbRefMan Component provides back-end management and front-end views for xbRefs references. NB this component is packaged with the xbRefs Plugins . 
xbRefMan Package (includes plugins) v1.0.0
10th May 2022  J3

xbRefs Plugins Package contains two plugins - xbRefs - Content and xbRefs - Button - which form a replacement (with many improvements) for the previous xbFootnoteTag package. 
xbRefs - Button is and editors-xtd plugin which adds a button (on the admin site only) to TinyMCE or JCE editors to insert a shortcode {​xbref...}  for a reference footnote or popover.
Of course you can also insert the shortcode manually, but the button enables you to easily select a tag to use for the citation, enter text, choose whether to generate a popover or footnote, whether to trigger the popover on hover or focus, set the footnote number, and also will highlight the shortcode in the editor to make it clearly visible.
xbRefs - Content is a plugin that processes article text before display and replaces any  {​xbref...}  shortcodes with the appropriate content - inserting popovers and footnotes as required.
xbRefs Pulgins Package v2.1.1
24th April 2022  J3